Health Care and AI ML

    What is the need of electronic health records?

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    Need for Electronic Health Records

    1. Greater productivity and financial improvement
      • An efficient way of handling calls, messages, and medication refills
      • Enhanced billing
      • Few charts, reports, and paperwork
      • Reduction¬† in transcription cost
    2. Upgraded caring standards
      • Fewer or negligible repetitive tasks to perform
      • No "Chart Chasing" from paper reports
      • Access to patient's records anywhere anytime as needed
      • Monitoring of report anywhere by the doctors
    3. Customer Satisfaction
      • Easy accessibility of patients records
      • Fewer visits without the report's charts
      • Medical providers can keep a record of how much money they have earned through various graphs provided on the portal
      • Fewer medical errors, improved patient safety and stronger support for clinical decision-making

    Now, as the world is evolving so does our health situations, and one of its key areas is ehr which are easy to keep track of since they held on computers and databases, and they can be quick, easy, and securely shared with other health care providers when necessary in addition to other benefits.

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