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    The toxic truth about sugars

    The toxic truth about sugars

    Sugar may taste sweet, but it's toxic for the body. Some consumption of sugar may do nothing, but a large amount of intake daily can harm the critical organs of the body. Strange, right? There is growing scientific consensus that fructose, the most common type of sugar, can be harmful to the liver, just like alcohol. 

    Scientists are stressing over fructose because it's processed inside the liver. Small amounts of sugar is not a problem for the liver because it processes out slowly. However, when consumed in large quantities, especially liquid, it adversely affects the liver since it is receiving more than it can handle.

    If fructose is consumed in natural forms, like in fruits, which makes fruit taste sweet, has no serious impact. However, food companies today concentrates the sugar, removing essential nutrients and fiber in the process. This kind of concentration consumption in high doses is more than what our bodies are designed to handle. Consuming a small amount of fructose with fiber-rich foods, like in fruits, is completely ok. However, fructose becomes a health hazard, when frequently consumed in large quantities. 

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