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    Overeating sugar is making our bodies sick

    Overeating sugar is making our body ailing

    Ever wondered why you get chronic diseases like diabetes, heart, or liver diseases? These chronic diseases are a result of metabolic changes in the body. Scientists are researching the possible factors for metabolic changes that increase the risk of chronic diseases. 

    The above diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide, and one of the underlying reasons behind them is the overconsumption of added sugar frequently over a long period of time. The dysfunction caused by metabolic changes that lead to chronic diseases is termed scientifically as metabolic syndrome. Sugar is not a poison, but too much consumption of it will act like one. Many studies have linked too much sugar to serious illness.


    How to figure out metabolic syndrome?

    One of the indications of metabolic syndrome is a sugar belly. It's the "apple" body shape in which the waist measurement is larger than the buttocks. If you or your family is also the one carrying extra weight around the belly, it's essential to discuss it with your healthcare provider and take the necessary tests (like blood tests, blood pressure) to confirm the metabolic syndrome.

    Added sugars can damage critical organs, like the liver and pancreas, if consumed in large quantities over time. Increased sugar intake can lead to an increase in weight due to the extra calories your body is intaking; this can lead to obesity and increases your risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

    What are the health consequences of eating sugars?

    Sugar is not making you sick, but too much sugar can definitely make you sick. That's added sugar. The natural sugar found in fruits, milk products, and vegetables doesn't do any harm to your body. The problem is of added sugars which are sneaking in our diest from various things, like sauces, salad dressings, froze meals, and wheat bread. We are way much sugar than we humans have ever had. Also, the people who are processing our foods are putting enormous amounts of sugar in it. 

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